Giddy Up Inc. is a broker for your embroidery, screen printing, and ad specialty needs. We have been in business since 2008. Giddy Up strives to provide its customers with quality products with exceptional customer service at fair pricing.  We are committed to adhering to our customers' branding needs. We respond quickly to phone calls and emails. We recognize that every customer is important to our success and survival as a company. Communication is the key to maintaining customer satisfaction and ongoing relationships.  We value the opportunity to serve and maintain the relations so generously given to us.  We strive to be good stewards of the community and to all the people we interact with.   
Please let us assist you with your inquiries. The web site can be cumbersome and I know we can help you get the information you require much quicker with less effort on your part. Please feel free to send an email with any added questions you may have.
The site will allow you to  search by item, quantity, time frame needed, color, etc… 
Thank you for looking and affording us the opportunity to serve you!